• Founders Circle

    The individuals and families listed below stepped up at the beginning of the fundraising effort to support the operation of the Valley Floor Presentation Partners. Without their support the successful fundraising campaign to acquire the Valley Floor would not have been possible. We extend our sincere gratitude to each one of you.

Wendy Brooks
Toby & Anne Brown
Nancy Craft & Rob Schultheis
Todd & Corinne Creel
Kevin & Marla Croke
Mark & Ellen Geldbaugh
Elizabeth Gick
Jane & Gary Hickcox
Larry Holmgren
Honga Im
Lynne & Joe Horning
John & Victoria Irwin
Dana Ivers & Roderick Turner
Daniel & Joanna Kanow
Fred & Gail Kittler
John Lifton &
Pamela Lifton-Zoline
Betsy & Wight Martindale

Mark & Kim Maykranz
John & Catherine McNear
Phil & Linda Miller
Charles & Kristine Packard
Chris Paine
Roberta Peterson
John & Thalia Pryor
Sheep Mountain Alliance
Rick Silverman
Bob Simpson
John Steel & Bunny Friedus
Mark & Brenda Thompson
Terry Tice & Susan Gulick
Lindsey Walker
Hilary White
Tony & Karen Wilcox
The Windhorse Foundation
Mark Worth & Corey Heisler
Michael & Irina Zivian